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iamozman's Journal

Phantom of the Opera
9 December
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This space has been intentionally left blank.

hi, My name is teh ozman, but you can call me ozzy, better yet, call me Oscar, yea, do that

I play in a band, and I love cats, my father is part hindu Indian and part Italian, my mother is part norwegian and part Lakota indian
..yea, I am what you would call, 'mixed breed' ::snerk::

I also hater minatory bios, because I don't know what to write in any of em, thank you
acting, alice cooper, allyourbasearebelongtous, anime, april ryan, baroque, being evil, bill & ted's excellent_adventure, bish, blood, boyish girl, candy, catlovers, catpeople, cats, cheese, chemistry, chocolate, cover songs, darkness, dead people, deadjournal, death, deep purple, dragons, dude, electric eye, evil, evil being, eyeliner, eyeliner freak, female_sexy, feme fatale, fire, freak, fucking sex, girls, glitter, glomps, go pokeball go, golden tooth, gompa, goth, grunge, guitar, guitars, hair, heavy metal, henrys sister, her, his hair is pretty, i am tyranno's bitch, i hate crappy love-songs, ice hockey, iron maiden, j-rocky stuff, judas priest, kagitakaist, kandrakar, kitties, kiwi/apricot dipper's, legend of zelda, link, link!, ljmaps, love, mamma, max laughton, me, metal, mom, motorcycles, motörhead, music, my hair is pretty, neko, neopests, nifty, nobody takes me seriously, nuking, ozman the bishboy rules, ozspeak, ozzy_has_been_evil_to_henrys_lj_interests_again, pokemon, pretty things, punk, punk rock, queen, raven eye, rock in general, rock roll, sanitarium, scorpions, sex, shagging, shutthefuckup, singing, space, spaghetti á la capri, spiders, strategy games, stuff, swing, swords, testament, the daredevils, the young ones, tomato soup, tyranno, until i kill them, urdu, vampires, wayne's world, web stuff, weird, whitesnake, wimin, women, xena, you, zombies, ë_ë,